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Wink is similar in concept to the Circle Game: players sit in two circles, an inner circle and an outer circle. Players in the inner one are sitting and those in the outer one are standing behind a person in the inner circle, except for one, who has no one sitting in front of him or her.

The partnerless player in the outer circle winks at a person in the inner circle, and the person who is winked at must get to the person who winked them. However, the person who stands behind the person who get winked at has to try their best to stop him/her. Once the winked gets to the winker, they change places, so the winker is in the inner circle and vice versa. If the winked fails to reach the winker (i.e. they are stopped by the player standing behind them), then the winked would change with the person who was trying to stop him/her and the winker must target someone else. Usually this game is played with the inner circle as girls and the outer circle as boys, so it resembles a "Stealing my girlfriend" kind of attitude, and if it is played as such, people do not change places after failing or succeeding.

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