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Wesley Chin, born on September 23, 1990, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, currently lives in Vienna, Virginia. He graduated from Paul VI Catholic High School and is now attending at George Mason University. He is son of Weisheke Chin and Nien King. During the school year, he also attends Rockville Chinese School each Sunday.

As Wesley ages, he looks to fight against the orthodox to act one's age. As a WMACSer, he's known for his immaturity and continues fighting the senseless fight against the inevitability of adulthood. Some people have pinpointed a large range of immature acts that have become priceless and even considered signature moves (ex: rolling down hills). While he struggles to keep his eight year old mentality, he also wants to portray himself (at the same time) as a sage, a man of wisdom. For many, it seems contradicting but for those who know him well, his personality is perfectly toned for such a demanding paradox.

As the years progress, Wesley hopes to live out WMACS to its fullest, both as a camper and counselor. Wesley also hopes to extend his fame across the WMACS populace. Mostly known for his wacky antics, Wes has a free will and independant attitude that roams around him. He tends to do almost whatever he feels like (within the rules, of course) and hopes to stay that way for the rest of his life. His reign at WMACS (2004 - ?) has been filled with joyful memories with buddies Albert Chu, Richard Fan (see also "Chippy"), Anthony Hwang, Jayon Wang (see "Jayon Wang")and many more. Each year he tries to extend his friendship to other groups: the young (Emily Hwang, Jason Li...), those other things, FEMME FATALES! (Jessica Chen, Amy Chou...), and more.

Wesley truly hopes to become a future counselor.

Wes is Jessica Liu's dawg.

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