Superlatives Game

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One of the events during Games Night, although not present every year. Each team is given a same list of superlatives (Best, Dirtiest, or something obscure like Whitest), but do not know what it could be. (i.e. Whitest could be whitest teeth, hair, skin, clothes, anything.) Each team has to pick a member to represent the team for each superlative, and no one can do two unless there are not enough people on your team. A superlative is called up to the front and the corresponding member on each team goes up, and then they reveal the superlative and decide who the winner is.

The superlatives were:
2003- Hairiest arm, Longest tongue, Reddest lips, Cleanest nails, Whitest teeth, Widest teeth, Dirtiest sole, Biggest nostrils, Higest pitch, smallest ears, thinnest thighs (a few more...someone fill them in)
2006- Thickest bicep, Longest fingernails, Softest hair, Smallest feet, Biggest eyes, Largest nostrils, Gigantic earlobes, Widest mouth, Least ticklish, Cutest smile, Smoothest tongue, Fastest soda drinker, Tallest neck

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