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Stupid Tim Things 2002: Silly quotes made by Tim Yang during and after WMACS 2002:

Stupid Tim Thing #1:
"Gasoline smells like ice cream"

Stupid Tim Thing #2
"Maybe we’re all so sore because the beds are stiffer because there’s more gravity on the 4th floor"

Stupid Tim Thing #3:
Daniel Chen: I give swimming lessons for $40 an hour
Tim: Dan, can you swim?

Stupid Tim Thing #4:
(Cars coming towards us out from a road, do not enter sign facing us)
Tim: Hey wait, but the sign says "Do not enter!"

Stupid Tim Thing #5:
(Tim, Kevin Fang, and Quentin Tai helped load stuff into a car.
Tim asks for and gets the keys from Chester Tung's dad. He looks at the keys)
Tim: Hey, sweet, I got the Master Key!!!
Kevin: ...Tim...Master is the brand...

Stupid Tim Thing #6
(Tim and Jeffrey Ian Chen had just been pranked, and some valuables (Gio: $47; Left Volleyball shoes: $100; Raping the muthaf**** who took my BoA*: priceless) had been taken. Later that day:)
Mok-yi Chow: Do you know anything about the people that pranked you?
Tim: No, but I'm pretty sure it happened today
Ian: Tim, you just pulled a Tim.

Stupid Tim Thing #7:
(In one of Barry Huang's world famous post-camp AIM chatrooms)
Tim: Yea, camp is so cheap this year
Tim: We don’t even get bien dan
Barry: It’s bien dang, idiot
Tim: Hey if Cynthia got married to Dan
Tim: He’d be Dan Bien!
Frances Wang: Wait a minute...
Frances: It would be Cynthia Chen
Frances: Not Dan Bien

Stupid Tim Thing #8:
(In the lounge before bedtime one day. All are in their sleepwear)
Tim (Noticing Felicite Chiang’s Black Crowes night shirt): Hey, are they like the Counting Crows, but black?

Stupid Tim Thing #9:
(Tim, Mokyi, Wilson, Irene, and Daphne are JCREW looking at boxers)
Tim: Hey Wilson, these boxers have holes in them! They are just like the Gap boxers I'm wearing!
Wilson: Tim, um, you know what those holes are used for right?
Tim: Yea Wilson, #2 right?
Mokyi: Why Tim, Why?!?!?!

Back in the day: (Yes, Tim has always been dumb)
Terry: Blair's Magnet Program at work

TYang123: terry have you seen iron donkey?

CHINK a NaToR II: tim should xi a donkey's jiji
XSwBladeX: Tim Hao Bin
NIN10DO97: tim is DuMbSor
dancebabe173: tim's an idiot
GoT sHao BiNg: wei se muh tim zhe muh BUn?

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