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Sean Huang is a junior at Centennial High School in Howard County. On Sundays, he also attends the Chinese Language School of Columbia. He has attended camp from 2004 to 2007. In 2004, he was in Sheep with Eric Lui and on the team Macho Tushies with Thomas Chu. In 2005, he was in B4 with Brett Chung and on the team Yi Wan Fan (Bowl of Rice) with Mok-Yi Chow and Cynthia Bien. In 2006, he was in B5 with Brett Chung again and on the team (We can't do) The Human Knot with Eric Lui and Su-Cha Kang. In 2007, he was in B5 YET AGAIN with Brett Chung and on the team Da Xi Gua (Big Watermelon} with Brett Chung and Gracie Yao.

In 2005, he won the Best Student award for Arts and Crafts because he translated all the skits to lao shi during Skit Night. In 2006, he and his team The Human Knot won the Overall Top Team award for the week, winning both The Amazing Race and the Volleyball Tournament. In 2007, his team won the Overall Top Team award, winning the Volleyball Tournament and Water Games, among others.

His current camp idol is Gao Lao Shi (more popularly known as YoYo Lao Shi and a camp favorite among everybody) because she is amazing at yoyo and, as all campers agree, very good looking. In 2006, Sean and fellow B5er Alex Han were lucky enough to work with Gao Lao Shi and get special attention from her because they prepared a special duo performance for the Talent Show/Closing Ceremony. Albert Chu envies them greatly for this reason, but they both evny him because of his "special bond" with her (but in reality, doesn't.)

Sean enjoys hanging out with all the groups, but particularly with his fellow B5ers from 2006 and 2007 (and George Peng since he hung out with B5 so much anyways). He hopes to return to camp the next 2 years, and then become a counselor. He is very close with everyone at camp and hopes to see all (or most) of them return to camp the following years and at reunions. His older brother is Barry Huang.

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