Richard Fan

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Richard Fan was born on December 6, 1990 and currently attends Thomas S. Wootton High School in Montgomery County, Maryland. He has attended camp for 4 years starting from 2003. His counselors in 2003 for Group H were Brett Chung and Thomas Chu. In 2004, he was in the group Dragon with counselor Stephen Liang. 2004 was the year where he was infamously known for chipping his front tooth in half, where he earned the name Chippy, Chippie, Chip, etc. In 2005, he was in group B5 where his counselor was Eric Lui. And in 2006, he was in B6, where his counselor was also Eric Lui. Richard enjoys hanging out with his buddies Wesley Chin, Albert Chu, and Jayon Wang. Jessica Chen is his wifey. Richard hopes to return for the next two years. He then hopes he can be a counselor.

Outside of camp he enjoys playing volleyball. As a freshman he made Wootton's Boys Varsity Volleyball Team. He hopes to get better every year, and works very hard to improve whenever he can.

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