Quentin Tai

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Quentin Tai was born on the 21st of October in the year 1986. His nicknames include: Q, QT, Quills, Quilly, QuillyT, Q-meister, Q-dizzle, dizzle, dizz, Q-nuts, Quentino, Tino, and "kid that breakdances." He graduated from Winston Churchill High School in 2004 and he also graduated from University of Virginia. After his first year of WMACS, Quentin had so much fun that not returning wasn't an option. Creating memories with fellow campers like Barry Huang, Daniel Chen, and Jeffrey Ian Chen (the 4 constituents of F4), the friendships and bonds he formed throughout camp are everlasting and will forever be part of him.

Camp History

Quentin has been associated with the following groups:
2000 - B4
2001 - B6
2002 - Group E
2003 - Group F
2006 - Counselor, B2 and Chorus teacher with Lydia Chao
2008 - Head conselor, and Chorus teacher

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