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Phillip Chang, born May 16, 1991, lives in Gaithersburg MD. He attends Poolesville High, in the outer districts of Montgomery County, he is now a junior. He's also attending Gaithersburg Chinese School. Easily bored, Phillip spends most of his life on his laptop and iPod (shuffle XD). Phillip is accused of being an emo child because he tends to be on his own and has a obsessive attraction to the color black...and green. 2006 was his first year at WMACS and it was quite a memorable one, as a member of the group B5. He hopes to come back next year for an even more exciting week. During the bus ride to Frostburg he displayed a bit of drawing to the entertainment of a few G3 girls, Jayon Wang, and Jonathan Hale. His random artistic moments have earned him a reputation that people can remember him besides "the kid who played with fire".

Phillip is commonly seen with headphones in his ears listening to who-knows-what. He likes to keep to himself and has recently grown an avid attraction to fire. He likes to try new things with fire, such as stand a lighter in the spray of an aerosol and experiment with ways to play with fire. He has gained an unnecessary reputation as a stoner. Even though he does not smoke he is always red-eyed and has a lost/happy/depressed expression that no one can quite figure out on his face.

He spends a lot of time playing games on his computer. A Gunbound addict in earlier years, he soon gave up after he realised he was wasting his life (and money XD). He also likes to spend his free time browsing for ridiculous pictures. Despite the fact that he has a mild camera-phobia he loves finding pictures with a certain humor in them.

1147717192185fr1.jpg you know its true

1147382626529it0.jpg my dad likes to emphasize this one...

More pics XD.

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