Microwaved cookies

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In 2001, Taiwanese camper Yi-Pi Chen brought back cookies from the dining hall one day and decided to warm them up a little in the microwave that night. The rest of his group, B6, was in Tim Yang's room in the other hallway, planning their skit. Barry Huang came back to get something from his room, which was next door to Yi-Pi's, and as soon as he entered the bathroom he could smell the aroma of freshly baked cookies. As soon as he left the bathroom, however, the smell turned to acrid smoke that was leaking out from the edges of Yi-Pi's door.

Barry rushed into the room, where he saw smoke billowing from the microwave (which had almost completed the THREE MINUTE cycle it had been programmed), and quickly stopped and opened the device. Yi-Pi exclaimed "哎呀!燒焦了!" which translates to "Oh no, they're burnt!" Barry explained to Yi-Pi that cookies should be microwaved for at most 30 seconds, then ran back to tell the others. At this point the smoke had really started to propogate, and as he burst back into Tim's room, he was surrounded by smoke. The others followed him back through the bathroom, which by now was black with smoke, and all crowded into Yi-Pi's room to gawk at the cookies. They were blackened and charred to the microwave plate, and uncontrollable laughter shook the room. It was then that Tim documented the event with the infamous picture below.

At this point, the counselors, who were meeting in their lounge downstairs, sniffed out that something was amiss and came barrelling into the room. They too, after finding no harm done, had a good laugh and went back downstairs, despite B6's concerns that Yi-Pi and Quentin, his roommate, shouldn't sleep there that night as the room still had considerable amounts of smoke in it. True to their fears, Quentin and Yi-Pi woke up the next morning croaking like frogs.

This incident speaks volumes about Frostburg's fire safety system.

The remains of the microwaved cookies
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