June Liang

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June Liang has had a long and illustrious history with WMACS Camp, dating all the way back to 1990, when she first attended WMACS as a camper. Back then it was known as ACS for Association of Chinese Schools. The switch to WMACS didn't occur until 1993. June graduated from the University of Virginia in 2000; her younger brother Stephen is a five-time counselor and also graduated from UVA, in 2002.

She would write a long saga about the history of WMACS and how it has changed and evolved and had its ups and downs but she's tired and needs to go to work early tomorrow. So she's just going to do lists. However, some of the listed things might have content, if you choose to go look. She remembers a lot of stuff about WMACS.

She looks forward to the day when she officially becomes a Great-Grand Counselor. Her Grand Counselorhood officially occurred in 2001 when her camper Anita Cheng from 1998 and 1999 became a counselor. However, the title of Grand Counselor was not given until 2002 by Irene Liu's campers Molly Brown and Kara Suttery, upon discovery that June had been Irene's counselor in 1998 and 1999.

June is known for being very spirited and was nominated for Most Spirited in 1998, 2001, and 2002. She also is expected to lose her voice by the 2nd or 3rd day of camp. Hence the popular "Be quiet, Jeffrey Ian! I don't want to lose my voice!" quote.

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