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Jessica Liu was born on Feb. 7th, 1992. Jessica attends Westfield High School. She played on the Westfield Golf Team. She has an infamous brother named Jeffrey Liu. Jessica is also related to Joe Sham and Kin-Ling Sham, they are cousins. Some of her nicknames are: Jessy, Jess, Jessipoo, Jesca, so on. Jessica has been friends with Emily Tong since she was 1 year old, and they are still friends/sisters/sistas from otha mistas. She loves, and is loved by, her many friends.

alex is her best bud.
george is her toy.
wes is her dawg.
ryan is her bud.
barry is her sunshine.
helen is her laughmonkey.
amber is her ballerina.
clara is her beastmonster.
sean is her shining princess star.
emily is her sister.

Years at WMACS

She has been to WMACS for 4 years; every year, she has been roommates with Emily Tong


Some Teams Jessica Has Been On:
-2001, don't remember.
-2002, Snake.
-2005, Yi Wan Fan.
-2006, Tai Mai Shu/Bang Xie Zi.

Tim Yang only remembers her as Joe Sham's cousin.

Barry Huang (drummer) has performed with her mother, Delane Liu, in the Chinese rock group, Forever Young.

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