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Jessica Chen, sister of Daniel Chen and one of the premier campers at WMACS, was born on March 9th, 1991 in Reston, Virginia. Commonly known as LJ (Little Jessica, paired with Jessica Chau, BJ), Jessica graduated from Stone Bridge High School in Loudoun County. She now attends William & Mary. However, despite being such a long distance from everyone else, she maintains contact with WMACSers via AIM or phone and visits Maryland every so often.

Outside of WMACS, Jessica Chen is only a speck of the vast populace, but within WMACS, she's a celebrity whom everyone knows. Of course, it is quite possible she is only a figment of our imagination because after WMACS, she disappears into the abyss of daily life, entrenched deep in schoolwork and more.

In her more personal life, she loves hanging out with the sexy PALS, Gia Gia and BJ. At the moment, Jessica is hiding the information as to the meaning of the acronym PALS. She claims that it means friends but rarely are people so gullible. Anyways, while everyone takes a second to solve that, the sexy PALS enjoy love chains, singing, and sitting in the middle of sidewalks. Sadly, this is how the teenage PALS spend their time. Perhaps a tragedy, but in their minds, it only means a lifelong bond undisturbed by jobs or other adult matters. Besides the PALS, she also has engaged in marriage. Richard Fan deftfully stole Jessica's hand in marriage before Wesley Chin, Richard's brother, could step in. According to Jessica, however, Wesley Chin is a "goober," so the relationship had no chance anyway.

Additionally, Jessica has VERY bad balance, because in Traditional Dance, Sean Huang and Franklin Zheng could BARELY keep her up for more than like two or three seconds, tops. Also partially because one time she stepped on Sean's chapstick in his pocket and hurt her foot...but by the end of the week and during performances, she FINALLY got her balance, could stand up long enough, and could open BOTH her fans (initially only the right one was opened and the left was either closed, half-open, or backwards). Good job to her!

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