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One cannot even begin to describe WMACS without describing the exploits of Jeffrey Ian Chen, also known simply as Ian. Ian holds the record of 9 consecutive years at camp, from 1997 to 2005 (the last two years as a counselor). A 2004 graduate of Winston Churchill High School, he currently attends the University of California-Berkeley. Ian is the cousin of Glenda Fu.


Camp History

Ian has been associated with the following groups:

Camper Years

As a camper, Ian was one of the vocal, most active, and most mischievous students, but most importantly was a friend to all. Ian was easily one of the most visible campers year after year, due in equal parts to his vocalness on a campwide stage and leadership of younger campers on his team, and also the counselors and staff shouting his name continuously. Thus he was often nominated for or recipient of superlatives such as Loudest, Most Popular, and Most Mischievous.

Along with his best friends from Rockville Chinese School Kevin Fang, Brett Chung, and Terry Li, he also cemented friendships with Daniel Chen, Barry Huang, and Quentin Tai in a bond that would eventually culminate in the formation of F4 in 2003. From 1999 on, Ian's counselor was Mok-yi Chow and was also henceforth in the same group as Barry (and with Dan starting in 2000 and Quentin starting in 2001). Ian teamed up with Barry year after year as the primary writers of their group's skits. Several common themes ran through all these skits, including the necessity for Ian to cross-dress at least once in each, the singing of a carefully chosen (five minutes before Skit Night) song during or after the skit, and, in earlier years, the partaking of illicit narcotics (phased out as the campers matured).

Ian as a counselor

In his first year of eligibility, Ian returned to WMACS as a counselor along with fellow 2004 high school graduates Barry, Tim Yang, and Mayline Wu. As loud as ever, Ian however cleaned up his act and instead directed his energy towards encouraging his campers, cheering on his team, and assisting during Traditional Dance. In a twist of fate, Ian lost his voice by the end of the second day, as he now finally knew how difficult it must have been for the counselors to keep track of him as a camper.

Ian's Chin

Ian possesses an enormously large and dangerously square (as in the corners are sharp enough to critically wound someone) chin. The chin peaked in squareness during his high school years and has since begun to round out. Several memorable incidents relating to Ian's chin have occurred, including during the camper vs. counselor push-up contest of 2002.

Ian's Notable Quotes, Occurrences, Nicknames, and Roles:

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