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Due to a poor plumbing system, the Frostburg showers become scalding hot anytime a toilet anywhere on the floor (not just in that bathroom) is flushed. Thus, shouts of "Flushing!" are often heard if someone goes to the bathroom while the shower is occupied, to prevent third-degree burns. "Flushing the toilet" has also become a common prank through the years. Not to be confused with the district of Queens in New York City, NY.

The most memorable of all toilet flushing pranks occurred in 2001. Earlier that day, Mok-yi Chow had made the mistake of entrusting his camper Daniel Chen to pass out mealcards to the group, B6, since Mok-yi was always late in arriving to the dining hall. Corrupted by power, Dan attempted to force Barry Huang to kiss his feet before giving him his mealcard; naturally, Barry refused and Dan gave in. However, later that day, in a fit of vengeance, Dan entered the bathroom while he thought Barry was showering. To make sure, he asked who was in the shower; fellow B6er Terry Li responded by shouting his name. Over the din of the rushing water, Dan was unable to distinguish between "Terry!" and "Barry!" and so commenced flushing the toilet repeatedly while yelling "Kiss my feet now, (expletive)!" as Terry screamed in anguish. Barry then entered the bathroom and asked Dan who he was pranking; upon seeing Barry, Dan's face went white as he realized grave error, and he began cursing anew and apologizing to whoever was in the shower. Terry stumbled out of the shower, his entire body bright red, as he exclaimed to Dan, "I was washing my face!" At Terry's expense, the incident was etched into camp lore to be passed down through the ages.

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