Evaline Huang

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Evaline Huang is a fabulous baker of carrot apple bread and walnut raisin cookies. In addition, she is a great connoisseur of gourmet chocolate. She practices "philandering vegetarianism" (a self-invented phrase) as a lifestyle choice.

In 2004, she and her friends Cristina Chow and Rita Wu won Best in Show at the Talent Show in 2004, dancing to "I'm Good" by Blaque. In 2005, she and Cristina Chow, Rita Wu, Angela Fang, and Gracie Yao danced to "Don't Push Me" by Sweetbox. Then in 2006, the same 2005 group (though without Rita Wu, who did not attend that year, replaced by Georgia Yang) won Best in Show again with their dance to "Hotline" by Ciara. Evaline co-choreographed all three routines. Sister of Clara Huang.

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