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Daniel Chen was a camper from 1999 to 2003 and a counselor in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. His counselors were Harry Hsing in 1999 and then Mok-yi Chow thereafter. In his camper days, he was inseparable from fellow campers Jeffrey Ian Chen, Quentin Tai, and Barry Huang, the 4 of whom were collectively known as F4 in their final year as campers, 2003. As a camper he was also a handful for the staff and counselors, one of the most notorious bu guai's. His name would constantly be called across the walkie-talkies because he would go visit other classes, or not go to class at all. Campers like him are the reason there are two counselor assistants per class (and why Betty now "floats" from class to class). However, he cleaned up his act significantly as a counselor, becoming an inspiring role model for his boys.

Dan graduated from Stonebridge High School in 2004 and is currently a junior at the University of Virginia. He enjoys swimming and volleyball and plays (or at least used to play) preposterous amounts of video and especially computer games.

Dan also plays tennis and is almost as good as his little sister Jessica Chen. Today he can be seen playing tennis or basketball on the UVA courts wearing his custom-designed Nike AnkleBreakers.

Dan has been associated with the following groups:

Dan's Father

Daniel's father is famed throughout the male WMACS community as a legendary gamer, "one of the guys," and just plain ridiculously funny. According to camp lore, Mr. Chen or Chen Shu Shu once defeated Barry Huang in a game of Starcraft with a single Marine. Barry consistently denies this, claiming that Mr. Chen did indeed have Seige Tanks (within the first 2 minutes of the game). He has refused to talk to reporters.

Dan's Laugh

Dan's laughter, a mighty chortle, is known far and wide through WMACS circles and can be heard resonating through dining halls, gymnasiums, and other Frostburg locations all week long. The best way to describe his laugh is "contagious"; just ask Brett. Dan's laugh will have you on the floor before he gets there. Dan's humor is as broad as it gets. This is a dangerous combination, especially for asthma patients.

Dan's Notable Quotes, Occurrences, Nicknames, and Roles:

  • Dan Not-So-Solo (2002)
  • Flushing the toilet while Terry was in the shower, thinking it was Barry
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