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Position Overview:
The counselor’s role is an integral one to the success of the camp. Counselors have extensive interaction with their charges. Consequently, the camper experience, in many ways, is greatly influenced by the camper's interaction with his/her counselor. An ideal candidate for this position would be a friendly, enthusiastic, and respectful individual who has the initiative and drive to help make camp successful each year.

Time Commitment:
Counselors are expected to attend scheduled meetings throughout June and July for event planning and counselor training. Meetings are generally held on the weekends in the DC area. For the week of camp, counselors must stay at Frostburg State University for the program’s duration. After camp is over, counselors will facilitate the creation of the camp yearbook and help plan and coordinate the reunion in late August.

1) All counselors must be nineteen (19) or older and have completed 1 year of college/university prior to or on the first day of camp.
2) All counselors must be enrolled in a college/university or be a college/university graduate.
3) All counselors must be bilingual (English/Mandarin Chinese)

A catalog of WMACS Counselors, past and present.

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