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B6 in 2001's catchphrase was "Remember the time..." The remainder of the phrase, inappropriate and typical of early high school immaturity, has since faded into oblivion. Their skit was A Day In the Life of WMACS, which featured a performance of Drive by Incubus, with Barry Huang on drums and Barnaby Yeh on guitar, and concluded with Puff Daddy - I'll Be Missing You in honor of B5er and former groupmate Chris Tuan, who was moving to Belarus later that year. The skit was also one of many through the years by this group to feature random breakdancing.


Counselor: Mok-yi Chow

Image:B6-2001group.jpg Image:B6-2001pyramid.jpg
Group Shot of B6 entitled "Pensive" B6 completes a successful 10-man pyramid

Things that happened:

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