Amy had less than Leo

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Every year in Night Market, Amy Chou always has a huge amount of tickets, more than anyone else in the entire camp, usually through combining tickets with her numerous friends. In 2006, however, in the sealed-bid auction for pieing the counselors, Leo Wang submitted the top bid of 212 tickets, while Amy came in second with only 208. That prompted counselors Stephen Liang and Barry Huang to note this fact in a "tattletale" tone, i.e. chanting "Amy had less than Leo, Amy had less than Leo!" ad nauseum. The concept of Amy having less than Leo was reprised several times, including just before Amy was about to pie her sister Evelyn:
Stephen: "You know, if you drop that pie, you would have wasted 208 tickets...which is less than Leo would have wasted if he had dropped his."
Barry: "That's 208 tickets, Amy. That's 416 MSG crackers. That's 8 less crackers than Leo could've bought."

The two counselors also mocked Amy for bidding 208 tickets when a mere bid of 39 would have won her a pie:
Barry: "You could have pied Evelyn AND gotten a bow and arrow!"

Footage can be seen here, courstesy of Jonathan Hale.

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