Albert Chu

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Albert Chu was born on December 13, 1989. He was first introduced to the camp by Chris Chen in 2004. After his first year at WMACS, Albert decided he could not ever leave, and would come back for the rest of his life, or as much as he could. He has since been a camper from 2004 to 2006, and dreams of becoming a counselor once his term as a camper is up. Albert has made lasting memories and impressions during his time at camp, known for impersonating Lil' Jon, being a nice singer, and pimping it out with buddies Richard Fan, Wesley Chin, and Jayon Wang (and being especially infatuated with YoYo Lao Shi). There are many younger ladies this motley crew pimps out on. Jessica Chen is also important. He has since earned the respect of many counselors, who spent the time to learn his name. Albert hopes to have many more WMACS memories in his lifetime.

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