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Camp was once again held at Frostburg State University, with the campers using to the Frederick Hall dormitory, since Cambridge Hall was taken by another camp. There was also a change in staff, counselors, and campers alike, as many regulars were absent from camp this year, such as Hai-Yu Bien, June and Stephen Liang, Betty and Cindy Yu, Amy Chou, Becky Lee, and Kevin Tong.

G1: Anna Wang
G2: Jojo Wang
G3: Gracie Yao
G4: Cynthia Hum
G5: Tina Mao

B1: David Lee
B2: Chris Liang; CIT: U-Hsen Li
B3: Daniel Chen
B4: Barry Huang; CIT: Calvin Yu
B5: Brett Chung; CIT: Darrell Chan

Head Counselors: Liz Hum and Eric Lui

Camp Director: Ruey-Pyng Lu
Assistant Director: Mike Wong

Lion Dance: David Lee and Cynthia Hum
Wu-shu: U-Hsen Li and Liz Hum
Chorus: Mayline Wu, assissted by Brett Chung and Anna Wang
Folk Sports: ?, assissted by Darrell Chan
Traditional Dance: ?, assissted by Gracie Yao and Jojo Wang
Arts & Crafts: ?, assissted by Daniel Chen, Barry Huang, and Tina Mao

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