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After an experiment with co-ed groups in 2004, named after the Chinese Zodiac signs, the group-naming convention reverted back to the traditional G# and B# scheme. The camp also returned to Frederick Hall, last used in 1998, as Cambridge Hall was being renovated.

G1: Cynthia Bien
G2: Frances Wang
G3: Cindy Yu
G4: Kevin Fang (due to insufficient girl counselors)
G5: Anita Cheng

B1: Daniel Chen
B2: Tim Yang
B3: Jeffrey Ian Chen
B4: Brett Chung
B5: Eric Lui
B6: Thomas Chu

Head Counselors: Betty Yu and Stephen Liang

T-shirt: Designed by Kevin Fang. Played on the Year of the Cock theme by featuring a rooster holding a surfboard overlooking a sunset. Image:2005_tshirt_design.jpg

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