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2003 saw a major change in roles for the counselors as the SARS epidemic prevented teachers from Taiwan to travel to the US to participate in camp programs. Thus counselors also took on teacher roles. This proved to be excessively taxing on the counselors.


A: Su-Cha Kang (Traditional Dance)

B: Anita Cheng, Glenda Fu (Modern Dance)

C: Betty Yu

D: Evelyn Chou (Modern Dance), Irene Liu (Martial Arts)

E: Rosa Lee, Cindy Yu

F: Mok-yi Chow (Folk Sports)

G: Stephen Liang, Stan Liu (Martial Arts)

H: Thomas Chu, Brett Chung

I: Kevin Fang, James Lien (Modern Dance)

Head Counselor: June Liang (Traditional Dance)

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