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2002 saw a major decrease in the number of campers and counselors. Due to the high stress of 2001, the camp staff made a conscious decision to narrow the scope of camp and eliminate all advertising for the program. The group names returned to the alphabetical lettering system, which was last used in 1995. This year also saw the first Talent Show replacing the Closing Ceremony as the program where campers were able to perform what they had learned in classes and also perform acts of their own choosing. There were 88(?) campers and 10 counselors.


A: Su-Cha Kang

B: Betty Yu

C: Evelyn Chou

D: Irene Liu

E: Mok-yi Chow

F: Stan Liu, Alex Cheng

G: Stephen Liang, Jack Chen

Head Counselor: June Liang

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