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2001 was the largest year, in terms of number of campers, in recent memory. There were 171 campers, split up into groups G1 through G9 and B1 through B7.

2001 was also memorable because of the "5 Arry's": Barry Huang, Terry Li, Harry Hsing, Gary Chiang, and Jerry Hsieh. Yes, that's Barry Terry Harry Gary and Jerry...WMACS was only missing a Larry, a Mary, and a Carrie. To annoy them all, people would sometimes shout, "Yo, ARRY!" which would make all five of them turn around.


G1: Robin Kao

G2: Rosa Lee

G3: Amy Kuo

G4: Eileen Lin

G5: Anita Cheng

G6: Geebin Mak

G7: Kin-Ling Sham

G8: Christina Wong

G9: June Liang

B1: Alex Cheng

B2: Ray Hsieh

B3: Brian Lee

B4: Stan Liu

B5: Joe Sham

B6: Mok-yi Chow

B7: Harry Hsing

Head Counselors: June Liang and Harry Hsing

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