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1999 saw a move to the current dorm, Cambridge Hall and the start of the most successful grouping scheme to date, with Gs and Bs indicating gender and numbers indicating age.

This was also the first year of the Counselor Act at Skit Night. Due to the success of the guy counselors' act in 1998, all of the counselors wanted to put something together. During Thursday's dinner and free time, the counselors quickly put together a short song-and-dance number that pitted the girl and boy counselors against each other. First the guys came out each with their own ridiculous move to try and impress the girl counselors. No impressing was done, just much laughter. The showing off ended with the guy counselors singing along to "Duai Mien de Nu Hai Kan Guo Lai" (Girl Across From Me, Look Over Here). The girl counselors came along and did a short dance to "Wo Shi Nu Sheng" (I am a Girl). The guys came back on to sing "Baby I'm So Sorry" by Alex To to woo the girls and finish the skit. (We got better at skits over time.)


G1: Amy Kuo

G2: Wen-Lee Lin

G3: Diane Liang

G4: Yvonne Luk

G5: Stella Choi

G6: June Liang

B1: Charles Hsieh

B2: Bobby Liang

B3: Jim Lee

B4: Mok-yi Chow

B5: Harry Hsing

B6: Bronson Peng

Head Counselor: Robert Chen

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